Why Dental Cleanings Are Important For Your Child's Oral Health

Looking for a new pediatric dentist in Houston, Clear Lake, or Webster? Not sure why you need to take your child to the dentist for cleanings every six months? In this blog from Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll discuss a few reasons why dental cleanings are absolutely essential for your child’s oral health. Let’s get started.

1. Removes Plaque & Bacteria To Keep Teeth & Gums Healthy

First and foremost, professional cleanings allow a dental hygienist to scrape away and remove any bacteria-filled tartar or plaque on your child’s teeth, and this is not removable with at-home oral care alone. 

By removing the buildup of plaque and bacteria, your child’s dental hygienist can reduce the risk that they will develop cavities or gum disease, and keep your child’s smile healthy and bright as they grow. 

2. Catches Potential Decay & Gum Disease Early 

Often, serious oral health issues like tooth decay and gingivitis don't cause any pain or discomfort as they form, so you may not even be aware that your child is at risk of developing these problems.

That’s where oral exams and teeth cleanings from a dentist come in. When you see a dentist like Dr. Jason Brock regularly, he can check for signs of gum disease or tooth decay, and make sure that your child has a clean bill of health. 

Even if your child does have a minor cavity or is at risk of gum disease, you can get the care you need right away, which will save you time and money in the long run.

3. Allows Your Dentist To Track Their Oral Development

Early childhood is a critical time for your child’s oral development. Seeing a dentist regularly from a young age will ensure that they are able to check on your child’s oral health and development.

Dr. Brock can ensure that your child’s baby teeth and adult teeth are erupting properly, and look out for potential signs of developmental or orthodontic issues that may require further treatment by an orthodontist. This, in turn, leads to a healthier overall smile as your child grows and their mouth continues to develop. 

4. Encourages Better Dental Health & Hygiene Habits

Seeing the dentist regularly is a good way to encourage your child to maintain their oral health, brush and floss properly, and develop a good lifelong attitude toward dentistry. 

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Jason Brock can connect with your child on a personal level, discuss the importance of dental care, and encourage your child to take better care of their teeth. 

In the long run, this will encourage them to maintain better dental health and oral hygiene, and will also ensure that they maintain a positive perspective on dentistry as they grow. Seeing a great pediatric dentist regularly will ensure your child maintains a healthy smile for the rest of their life! 

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