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Modern Equipment, Traditional Hospitality

Our goal at Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry is to ensure your children are comfortable throughout every visit. By implementing the latest dental technology, we can provide efficient, stress-free visits. This will help us establish trust and make our office serving Clear Lake and Houston somewhere your child looks forward to visiting. A positive dental experience will encourage strong dental hygiene habits for lifelong oral health.

child looking at x-rays of his mouth with dentist

Digital X-rays

X-rays help Dr. Brock identify dental health issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. At Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry, we use digital x-rays for a safer, more comfortable visit. Our digital sensors capture detailed x-ray images with a fraction of the exposure of traditional x-rays.

Although traditional dental films require minimal radiation for image development, our digital x-ray system provides unsurpassed safety- up to 90% reduction compared to most older film-based systems. Digital x-rays are also more efficient. Images are captured instantly with a digital sensor, which means that your child will spend less time in the dental chair. 

Plus, with enhanced magnification capabilities, digital x-rays allow for a more detailed and accurate visual depiction of your child’s oral health. Improved image clarity increases Dr. Brock’s ability to diagnose and treat conditions.

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