What Is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is a term used when infants and children experience tooth decay. This usually happens in the front teeth due to too many sugars found in formula or snacks and juices. 

It can also affect other teeth, but most commonly the upper front ones. 

What Can Cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

  • Sugary Drinks

If your baby often has drinks that contain high quantities of sugar, this can facilitate bacteria to grow in their mouth leading to cavities growth. 

  • Passed on Bacteria 

Mothers tend to clean the pacifier, the bottle, or the spoon they feed their baby with by using their mouth. This way, the mother passes the bacteria in her mouth to her baby. In this case, the bacteria is transferred through saliva.

  • Not Enough Fluoride 

If the baby does not receive enough fluoride to protect their teeth, it can also cause tooth decay and cavities.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay 

Here are some tips you or another caretaker can keep in mind to prevent baby bottle tooth cavities from occurring. Prevention tips include:

  • Avoid cleaning your baby’s spoon or pacifier with your mouth. Use a cloth or a gauze after each meal to clean their gums.
  • Avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk. 
  • Avoid using sugary drinks or sugary water to fill your baby’s bottle. 
  • Avoid prolonged pacifier use.  
  • Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they start growing in.  
  • Brush your child’s teeth with fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Use breastmilk, formula, or milk to fill your baby’s bottle. 
  • Get your child used to drinking from a cup around the age of one. 
  • Develop healthy eating habits as early as possible. 
  • Talk to your child’s pediatric dentist about what you can do to prevent cavities and develop healthy habits for their oral health. 
  • Take your child to regular dentist visits as soon as their teeth start growing.  

How to Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy 

Good oral health starts early at home but having a pediatric dentist assist you in creating healthy habits is just as important. The dentist can teach you how to properly care for your baby's teeth and perform routine cleanings that will eliminate all bacteria effectively. 

At Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry in Clear Lake, Dr. Jason Brock provides preventive care and a variety of treatment options for children. 

We are also specially trained to see special needs patients. We pride ourselves on providing preventive solutions and best-suited treatments for all our young patients. 

We offer high-quality services adapted to each of our patient's needs, personal situations, and lifestyles. 

Contact us by calling our Clear Lake office at (281) 461-7470 today. Dr. Jason Brock would be happy to help you keep your baby’s smile healthy. 

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