Is It Safe For Teenagers To Professionally Whiten Their Teeth?

If your teen has been asking you about tooth whitening to improve the look of their smile, you might be wondering if this procedure is even safe for them.

Well, the short answer is that tooth whitening can be perfectly safe for teens, as long as they use the right type of whitening kit. This article breaks the topic down further:

Do Dentists Recommend Teeth Whitening for Teens?

In general, dentists will have no issues recommending teeth whitening treatments for teens, provided they’re deemed good candidates after a consultation.

One key factor a dentist will consider is whether your teen has any baby teeth left. If they do, your dentist will most likely recommend waiting to get this procedure until all their adult teeth grow in. Additionally, to get teeth whitening, your teen should have generally good oral health. If they’re dealing with cavities, gum disease, or other dental issues, they won’t be cleared for whitening treatments until their other oral health issues are resolved.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Your teen may have different options for professional whitening:

  • In-office session: Here, the teen will see their dentist for multiple sessions to get their teeth whitened;
  • At-home kits: The teen can receive a tray and detailed instructions from the dentist on how to use the kit.

These are both cases of professional teeth whitening treatments, which are both monitored by a dentist. As a result, any unwanted risks are significantly reduced.

The issue comes with over-the-counter whitening kits, which can be appealing for their low cost and simplicity. Because the process is not monitored, there’s a greater temptation for teens to misuse these kits to get better results. They could wear the strips longer than recommended or wear multiple sets on the same day to speed up their results.

If your teen does want to whiten their teeth, the safest place for them to do it is at the dentist’s office.

When Is Teeth Whitening Necessary for Teens?

One of the most common times a teen may ask about teeth whitening is right after getting their braces removed. Braces can cause plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth and may leave spots after the brackets are removed.

Teeth whitening will help your teen’s smile become even. But teeth whitening may also be necessary to deal with severe staining or discoloration caused by improper oral hygiene and a diet high in staining foods and beverages.

How Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry Can Help

Is your teen considering teeth whitening? Bring them to see our Clear Lake pediatric dentist for a consultation! They can access both in-office and at-home whitening treatments that are effective and safe.

To get started, request a visit to Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry online. Have more questions about tooth whitening treatments? Then call us at (281) 461-7470 for a short chat.

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