Celebrate Children's Dental Health Month With a Checkup

At Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry, we’re excited to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month this February. This event, which was first started by the American Dental Association, is a great time for parents to familiarize themselves with their children’s dental needs.

Looking for a way to celebrate and ensure your children’s teeth are strong and healthy? Come to Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry right away! Dr. Jason Brock has been serving kids in Houston, Clear Lake, Webster, and League City with high-quality preventive dental care for years. 

Children of All Ages Should See the Dentist Every Six Months for a Checkup

The AAPD (American Association of Pediatric Dentists) recommends that your children start seeing a dentist whenever their first tooth comes out, or when they turn one year old.

But even if your child is older, now is the best time to start seeing the dentist regularly. By seeing the dentist regularly, you’ll be able to learn more about your child’s oral health, take steps to prevent cavities, and ensure that there are no issues with their oral development as they grow.

Your child will also be less likely to be anxious about going to the dentist in the future. They will become familiar with both Dr. Brock and the team at Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry and will feel more comfortable at the dentist.

What Can I Expect From My Child’s First Appointment? 

If your child is between the age of 1-2 and only has a few of their baby teeth, Dr. Brock will clean each one and clean your child’s gums, and perform an oral exam to ensure their mouth is healthy. Then, he’ll answer any questions you may have about your child’s oral health and development.

Older kids who are 2-3 or older and have most or all of their baby teeth will receive a comprehensive dental cleaning and oral exam, just like an adult would. One of our dental hygienists will gently clean tartar and plaque away from their teeth, then brush them with a high-powered toothbrush, and floss between each tooth. 

Then, Dr. Brock will examine their mouth. We may recommend x-rays if we think they’re necessary, and you approve. After this, Dr. Brock will discuss your child’s oral health with you. 

How Can I Keep My Child’s Teeth Healthy Between Checkups?

Dental checkups are important, but so is good at-home oral hygiene. Here are a few tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy. 

  • Brush twice per day for two minutes – You’ll need to brush your child’s teeth until they’re about 6 years old, or are coordinated enough to tie their own shoes. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and brush for at least 2 minutes. It’s best to brush once in the morning, and once at night before bed.

  • Floss once per day – You should floss your child’s teeth until they’re about 10 years old, since it’s harder for them to learn. Brushing alone only cleans about 60% of their tooth surfaces, so flossing is important for removing plaque, bacteria and food particles.

  • Limit snacking & avoid sugary, starchy foods & drinks – Snacking throughout the day encourages the buildup of the bacteria that cause cavities. Try to minimize your child’s consumption of starchy and sugary foods and drinks, too, like chips, candy, cola, and fruit juice. Instead, opt for healthier foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and drinks like milk and water. 

Celebrate With Us – Schedule Your Appointment at Big Picture Pediatric Dentistry Today! 

Dr. Jason Brock is always accepting new patients from Friendswood, Dickinson, Seabrook, La Porte, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas. So don’t wait. If your child needs a dental checkup, contact us at (281) 461-7470, or stop by our office at 17150 El Camino Real, Houston TX 77058. 

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