5 Tips for Toddlers Who Won't Let You Brush Their Teeth

Brushing teeth isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, so it’s not surprising that parents have a difficult time taking care of their child’s oral health. It’s very common for children to pull away, protest, and even throw a tantrum in the bathroom as they see that toothbrush approaching. But as we know, brushing your child's teeth can help prevent the need for dental fillings or other restorative treatment. If that sounds like every day for you, check out these 5 tips that may help you brush your child’s teeth:

1. Make the Ritual More Interesting

Children will think brushing their teeth is a tedious task if you make it one. You can make this task a lot more fun if you add games or even music into the mix. They still might not be too keen on it at first, but after a while, they can start to enjoy this new ritual. It’s even better if you start brushing your own teeth as well. Children learn by mimicking their parents, so if they see you do it, they’re more likely to do it too.

2. Tell Them Why

Your child might not let you brush their teeth simply because they don’t really understand why you need to do it in the first place. Sit down with your kid and talk about the importance of oral care. Tell them that brushing and flossing their teeth every day will help their teeth grow strong and healthy. You can also find lots of cartoons on YouTube that can help.

3. Play and Brush Their Toys

If your child is too young to brush their own teeth, you can still encourage them to take an active part in this ritual.  Take their favorite toy and ask them to brush its teeth before or after you brush your child’s. Explain that by doing so, they are taking care of the toy’s smile, helping it stay healthy.

4. Create a Rewards System

Your toddler might not protest tooth brushing so much if they know they’ll get something in return. For instance, you can set a rule that if they let you brush their teeth for one full week, you’ll take them to their favorite park, or they can eat a treat they really love.

5. Be Patient

Children can always pick up on the emotions of their parents. If they sense you’re frustrated or even angry during tooth brushing, they won’t cooperate.

Try to be patient with this process. Your toddler might not always be in the mood to brush their teeth, and that’s okay. But if you are patient and use a gentle tone, they’re more likely to go through with it.

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