5 Signs of Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay is one of the most common oral health issues that bring children to the dentist every year.

Improper oral hygiene, nutrition, and even genetics can all play a huge role in how likely the little one is to develop a cavity. It’s extremely important for parents to monitor their child’s oral health and get a cavity treated as soon as possible to prevent premature baby tooth loss or significant damage to the child’s permanent teeth.

Here are 5 signs your child may be dealing with tooth decay:

1. White or Brown Spots on the Tooth

Spots on the teeth might be caused by something the child ate. But if the spot doesn’t go away after they brush their teeth, then your child might be experiencing the first stages of tooth decay.

Luckily, this stage is reversible, and your child might not even need a filling. You need to take them to see a dentist right away to get fluoride treatments and other tips on how to remineralize the tooth at home. 

2. Visible Hole in Their Tooth

More advanced cavities will create a tiny hole in the tooth, which at first might look like a dark spot. Over time, this hole can get bigger and allow more bacteria to enter the inside of the tooth. Cavities that are left unchecked eventually lead to a tooth infection.

3. Toothaches

If your child is complaining of a toothache, then that’s usually one of the most common signs of tooth decay. The bacteria is affecting the soft tissues inside the tooth, which can make it a lot more sensitive and causes pain.

You may be able to lower the child’s discomfort with pain medication, but if the decay is causing the pain you should get the child to see a dentist right away.

4. Heightened Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Just like toothaches, cavities make the tooth more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Your child may feel a sharp pain when they’re eating ice cream or hot soup.

5. Bad Breath

Lastly, a cavity can also cause bad breath in children, as the bacteria continue to eat away at the tooth’s natural tissue.

It’s not uncommon for children to experience bad breath because of something they ate or not brushing their teeth properly. But if the bad breath persists and the child is experiencing other symptoms of a potential cavity, then they may need to see the dentist.

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