While preserving your child’s primary teeth is always the best choice, it may not always be possible due to tooth infections or oral injuries.

At Brock & Casas Pediatric Dentistry, we will always do everything we can to preserve your child’s tooth, including root canal therapy and other treatments. Our team is dedicated to conservative pediatric dentistry for patients in Houston, Clear Lake, and Webster.

But if these restorative treatments aren’t able to save a seriously infected tooth, or a tooth that has been damaged due to an impact injury, the tooth may need to be extracted. Extractions may also be required for wisdom teeth, or if your child is undergoing orthodontic treatment. At our office, we specialize in helping children and parents understand the implications of tooth extraction, and ensure that the procedure is comfortable.

Understanding The Extraction Process

The process of a tooth extraction is very simple. First, your child’s gums and teeth will be numbed and cleaned to prepare for the procedure. Then, Dr. Brock or Dr. Casas will use a specialized tool to loosen the tooth in the socket. The tooth is then gently pulled out at the root. Next, the area is cleaned, disinfected, and sutured shut.

The entire process usually takes only about 5 minutes per tooth, and is delivered with powerful numbing agents to ensure that your child experiences no discomfort. Dr. Brock and Dr. Cases are both expert, board-certified pediatricians, and they will make sure your child feels safe and comfortable.

Sedation For Children During Tooth Extraction

We offer both minimal inhaled sedation (laughing gas) for children, as well as an oral sedative. Both methods of sedation can be used to help your child feel more safe and comfortable throughout the extraction process. Ask Dr. Brock or Dr. Casas about sedation at your appointment to see if it’s right for your little one.

Recovering From Tooth Extraction – What To Expect

Pain, discomfort, and bleeding may be present for a few days after the procedure. Follow all of the recovery instructions given to you, and make sure to provide your child with the proper dosage of pain medication that is provided to you.

If your child is having a baby tooth extracted, you may need to come back to our office for space maintainers to keep teeth from shifting into the empty socket and ensure that their adult teeth erupt correctly.

Come To Our Office – We Specialize In Pediatric Tooth Extractions

It’s never easy to bring your child to a dentist for oral surgery. But at our office, we offer judgment-free, compassionate care and we will always keep you and your child comfortable.

With our friendly, child-focused treatment methods, sedation options, and years of experience in pediatric dentistry, you can trust us to take great care of your little one.

We serve the entire Houston area: from League City, Friendswood and Dickinson to La Porte, Seabrook, and Pasadena. If you’re in the area, contact us for an appointment at (281) 461-7470, or stop by our office in person at 17150 El Camino Real, Houston TX 770. We’re always taking new patients!