At Brock & Casas Pediatric Dentistry, our team constantly looks for advances in dentistry that benefit you and your child the most. Icon plays an integral role in our team’s conservative approach to your child’s dental care.

Cavities form when potent acids from the bacteria in your child’s mouth erode holes into the enamel of their teeth. Like most problems, this erosion starts small but eventually creates damage that requires invasive treatment to restore. Icon resin technology offers the ideal solution to preserving your child’s tooth structure when we first identify this enamel breakdown.

This focuses on treating the demineralization "white squares" and damage after orthodontic work has been removed - without drilling and anesthesia! It is simultaneously conservative and preventative treatment. Best of all it is esthetic to help fix the damage. Whitening can still be done either before or after the Icon is completed.

Using the Icon system, we use a highly fluid resin in a handheld applicator to penetrate the damaged enamel surface. The resin blocks the microscopic areas and prevents further deterioration of your child’s tooth. The specialized resin sets hard with a brief exposure to focused light in the area.

Icon offers the most efficient option to stop cavities at their earliest stage and preserve irreplaceable tooth structure. Proactive care means less dentistry for your child. At Brock & Casas Pediatric Dentistry, that conservative approach underscores our commitment to providing your child with the best dental experience possible.